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          SAP Trust Center
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          Focus on your business while knowing that your mission-critical data is safe and reliable. With a proactive, predictive approach, SAP helps ensure compliance and data security – whether you store it on-premise or on the SAP Cloud.
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          Secure products

          Guidelines, tools, and training help maintain?security throughout the architecture, design, implementation, and delivery of a?product.

          Secure operations

          Product security response processes and experts ensure smooth data center operations 24x7 with continuous testing and?monitoring.

          Secure company

          SAP employees and partners follow security?standards, and we strengthen the human resource firewall through mandatory?security trainings.

          Securing the Intelligent Enterprise

          Bridge the siloed enterprise apps by orchestrating process, technology, and people to support advanced analytics across data sources.

          Security offerings

          Security products, professional services, and education help users implement, build, and operate a first-class security environment.

          Data center security

          Continuous technology and infrastructure testing helps ensure that the data center?is running smoothly around the clock.

          Securing the Intelligent Enterprise

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          Digital Transformation

          Security and?compliance complexities have driven a new approach to Digital Transformation.?SAP’s approach to the Intelligent Enterprise ensures that? organizations are able to bridge siloed enterprise applications by?orchestrating process and technology to support advanced analytics across data?sources. However, process and technology alone won't address security and?privacy challenges.

          Hear from security experts

          Secure products

          Application security is extremely important, as hackers try to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. At SAP, security functions and security documentation are covered as key requirements before the delivery of new products and services.
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          A secure software development lifecycle

          Discover the security phases of product development for on-premise or cloud-based use. Look at our framework for integrating security throughout the lifecycle of standard software products from SAP.

          Product security strategy

          Protecting data by building safe software is?core in our product security strategy. At SAP, prevention, detection, and?reaction are the three pillars of this strategy.

          Secure source code scanning

          Increase?the security of your software development efforts. Apply the same automated?source code scans that SAP uses to detect and eliminate security flaws at an?early stage in the development cycle.

          Security validation

          Perform independent final security assessments on SAP and partner solutions from a customer’s point of view and assess product security quality and integration aspects of security under real-world conditions.

          Security research

          Learn how security research at SAP serves to bridge scientific research and SAP product development as well as applying new principles in security research through business value analysis.

          SAP Security Response

          Hear how SAP is dedicated to maintaining the highest possible security across all our applications and learn about SAP's security response process.

          Secure operations

          Continuous technology and infrastructure testing and monitoring help identify potential security issues early to ensure smooth data center operations.
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          Cloud security and data center strategy

          Using SAP S/4HANA in a public cloud environment?requires a strong security framework. An important part of this is the secure?network architecture, which is demonstrated by certifications proving that?proper measures are in place.

          Identity lifecycle in hybrid landscapes

          The support of common?security standards helps to integrate into hybrid, multi cloud landscapes?seamlessly. To secure data properly SAP provides reference?architecture for identity and access management and strong authentication.

          Report a potential security issue to SAP

          SAP?is committed to identifying and?addressing every security issue that?affects SAP software and cloud solutions. Anyone can report a?potential security issue.

          SAP Cyber Fusion Center.

          The center will serve as an innovation hub for new cyber defense capabilities for the company and bring new security functions to better assist SAP customers against security threats.

          Secure company

          Every business expects ironclad information security for its on-premise, cloud, and mobile environments. To meet these expectations, we work continuously to strengthen and improve security features in all of our software and service offerings, while protecting our own company and assets.

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